Stabilised Rammed Earth

by Stabilised Earth Adelaide

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Stabilised Earth Adelaide is a subcontracting company with over 30 years experience in building stabilised rammed earth walls for domestic and commercial applications. The constructions of walls in the form of monolithic panels is achieved through the blending of local road-base earth with cement and waterproofing admixture.

This mix is then compacted into our specialised Stabilform system to give a natural earth off-form finish which is at once strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Linking of wall panels is achieved through system-specific keyed control joints, as well as a number of steel lintel systems to form windows, doors, and other openings.

Rammed Earth ready to go.

Wall construction is available in the following formats.


Stabilised rammed earth walls are 300mm thick, providing a high thermal mass perfect for both internal and external walling. These walls have an excellent soundproofing quality, and if more thermal mass is required, they can also be built using a 400mm thick format.


Insulated stabilised earth walls are constructed specifically for external walling that requires a high R-value. These walls are 400mm thick with a 50mm central Styrofoam core that achieves a R-value of 2.48.


We have ready made adjustable forms for Curves of a 5 metre and upwards radius. Designs that require smaller radius Curves, different finished Angles from the usual or greater Wall Thicknesses can be accommodated by our form manufacturing team. We also offer a Wall colouring design and method service for when outstanding Feature Walls are required. South Australia is home to beautiful Sandstones, Quartzes and Limestones.

Rammed Earth - Design

Design is a key element in todays climate of building for energy efficiency. We are able to offer a consultancy service with regards to design, engineering, and preferred details in the application of our system to your building ideas. We can refer on to designers, engineers, and plan drafters, as well as offering a complete house building service if so desired.